Sugar Poems
Morten Søndergaard

Edible Sugar Poems by Morten Søndergaard

Print run: 40
Design and print Fuchs Borst

Edited by Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology
Produced by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Ingredients: Potato starch, water, humectant E422, acidifier E330, preservative E202, colorants E102, E122, E122, E133, E151, E102, E110

Sugar Poems is an edible book by Morten Søndergaard, published in connection with the exhibition Sugar Theater – an exhibition that examines the many, sticky connections between art and science, between language and bodies, between things and their definitions. The exhibition takes its point of departure in current research at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences investigating the various ways sugar affects our bodies.

Sugar Theater is created by Morten Søndergaard in collaboration with Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, it is commissioned by Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Copenhagen University and is produced in collaboration with Medical Museion.