Next up

Danish translation of the text Vegetal Life and OntoSympathy by Jane Bennett

Publication Encyclopedia by Johannes Heldén and Håkan Jonson

fermenting feminism release event in Copenhagen, more to come

Dear m/other, an ongoing research project in posthuman and queer maternity

We're continuously interested in and researching ecological and bodily matters of water:
- First event will be held on World Water Day, 22 March, at the harbor in Copenhagen with a film screening and release of the Danish translation of the text 'Hydrofeminism: Or, on Becoming a Body of Water' by Astrida Neimanis

Danish translation of the text Making Kin in the Chthulucene: Reproducing Multispecies Justice by Donna Haraway

Symposium and exhibition project 'Multispecies Storytellings in Intermedial Practices' in collaboration with Linnæus University and Växjö Kunsthal, funded by The Seed Box