fermenting feminism
(Hunter’s Moon)

24-25 October, 2018
the Medical Museion
the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


fermenting feminism gathers an international group of artists, fermenters, healers, scientists, filmmakers, activists and thinkers to stage and share various works and practices connected to fermentation as both metaphor and material practice for care and nurture in a planetary world. 

Through lectures, performances, workshops, recipes, rituals and films, fermenting feminism will explore fermentation as a potentially vital and viable practice for re-interpreting histories of science, medicine, ecology and art in multispecies worldings. It examines stories of preservation and transformation, inter-species symbiosis and co-evolution, biodiversity and futurity, health and disability studies, gender and sexual diversity practices. It probes and suggests matters of survival and response-ability in times of climate crisis and ecocides. fermenting feminism honors the brewers and healers throughout herstory.

Please note that the different days have different availability for the public.
Find specified ticket information in the programme descriptions below.
There can be last minutes changes to the program.

Interdisciplinary symposia at the Medical Museion, (Bredgade 62, 1260 Cph),
from approx. 10am-7pm.

Adam Bencard (DK): Mind the Gut // Anna Davidson (UK): A speculative manifesto for/of fermented feminisms: exhaustion, hunger & other energetic entanglements // Joshua Evans (UK/DK) // Lauren Fournier (CA): Finding a container to hold it: on fermenting feminism as metaphor // Signe Schmidt Kjølner (DK): Vessels // Zeenath Hasan (SE): Fontana Mixing Vitruvian Correlations // Petja Ivanova (DE): Fermenting Modernity - lively soups of insect bodies // Maja Janter (BE): Song of [Y] // Sarah Kantrowitz (UK): Riches Within // Alanna Lynch (DE): Gut Feelings // Kristoffer Raasted (DK): Digital Transformation // Katja Serber (DK): Thingumajig 0058 // Woodland (w/Ida Brattmo & Klara Bothén) (SE): The Woodland Circle

Detailed program to be announced soon.

Ticket sale will be sponsoring food for the contributors: We have 20 tickets for 125 DKK and 20 tickets for 250 DKK for sale - we will let you decide what you can afford depending on your financial situation. We also have a few spots for very precarious folks for 50 DKK. For a ticket, please email: fermentingfeminismcph@gmail.com

Performance and workshop symposia at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,
Den Hirsprungske Sal (Peder Skramsgade 2, 1260 Cph), from approx. 10am-7pm.

Lotte Bækgaard (DK): Sourdoughs // Josef Pils (SE) & Tove Bollman (SE): Mother Earth is a trans woman // Chili Christensen (DK): SEJD // María Jesus Gonzalez (AG): To let in (the mass) into (my body) // Sunniva Gudmundsdottir Mortensen (FO) & David Sebastián Lopez Restrepo (CO/DK): Chicha/Fermented Corn // Maria Braender (DK) & Katrine Faber (DK): Microbial Stomach Growl // Eva Bakkeslett (NO) & Hannah Mjølsnes (NO): Fits Facial Interspecies Transcultural Salon // Emma-Cecilia Ajanki (SE): Subtle Medicine A Healing Ritual // Agnieszka Pokrywka (PL/FI): Bacterial Fortune Telling // Anna Bolther (DK), Amalie Juelsgaard (DK) & Golshid Rokhzan (SE/DK): Flow Feelings Fluid Food // Eleonora Edreva (BG) & Leo Williams (US): Family Jewels // Petja Ivanova (DE): Circular Design Concepts for Synthetic Plastic Biodegradation

Detailed program to be announced soon.

We will be able to invite in 25 audiences this day for a participation donation of 65 DKK sponsoring food for the participants. NB! Because of limited space in workshops we can’t secure everybody an ‘active spot’ at all the activities, but it will be possible to witness everything as an audience. For a ticket email: fermentingfeminismcph@gmail.com

fermenting feminism is curated by Lauren Fournier & Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology.

For questions contact us at labae.contact@gmail.com

A tremendous thanks to the Medical Museion and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts for hosting this event.