of CSPA Magazine:
Recipes for ecological resistance


For this quarterly take over of CSPA Magazine, we had the opportunity to feature and further investigate some of the core questions in our curatorial work along with some of the people, who have inspired us the most throughout the years.
The issue attends to matters of troubled and troubling practices of care; to visceral knowledges, queer materiality and embodied toxicity; to the radical potentials of local, quotidian practices and to decolonizing
revisions of western hi/stories of technology.

Kultivator Dyestad — Sustainability should not be a goal, but a beginning
Karin Bolender Hart — R.A.W. presents Welcome to the Secretome
Lauren Fournier — Sustainable Secrets: Autotheorizing Compost
Nazila Vida Roxana Ghavami Kivi — A cyborg is a witch is a cyborg is a witch ...
Mary Maggic — Genital*Panic
Julia Morandeira — Glutinous Narratives 2
angela rawlings — Motion to Change Colour Names to Reflect Climate Breakdown
Lindström & Ståhl, Un/Making Matters — Unfaithful Daughters of Linnaeus, Un/Making Soil Communities

Design by Zille Bostinius

Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology
Dea Antonsen & Ida Bencke

Find the Issue Takeover - Q24 2019
CSPA - Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts